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Roaring Retrolicious Cocktail of Cool and Fun music.
Dress 'Chique le Freak' and dance the night away!
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'1000 Dances' is derived from the hit and party song 'Land of a thousand dances', most famous version made by soul man Wilson Pickett: ...DO you know how to Pony?...put your hands on your hips...Twisting with Lucy... Do that Jerk, I like it like that!......
on this night we'd love you to dress up for party time and dance Rock and Roll, Jive, the Stroll, the Disco Fox, the Funky Chicken or -of course- your own dance! No (hysterical) House or Techno is to be excpected.
a fine blend of cool, fun, funky, vintage, retro and new party music...
100% boogalistic ...Shake your booty - it's your duty!!!

1000 Dances is Produced by
Madame Risquée





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